Shiva Hotels has a strong track record, which focuses on three main areas in the UK hotel market - namely site acquisition and development, hotel acquisitions and hotel management. We believe our exclusive connections, experience and entrepreneurial structure position us as a unique partner in all of our three business areas.

Exclusive connections

Shiva Hotels has world-class connections across all areas of the hotel value chain including hotel brands, contractors, banks, agents and key suppliers. For example, we have the only strategic development agreement in the UK to operate franchised hotels with Hilton, for all their brands. Shiva Hotels also has strong partnerships and extensive experience in franchising with other leading hotel brands including IHG and Marriott.

Market understanding and experience

With decades of market experience within the team, Shiva Hotels understands the overall hotel market structure, value chain and underlying economics. Our operational excellence in day-to-day management focused on creating quality hotel environments with loyal guests and engaged teams are at the core of what we do. Simply put, we understand how to maximise returns.

Entrepreneurial structure and focus

We understand that the key to delivery in any business is the management team. Shiva Hotels brings together a collection of highly driven, talented individuals, all from strong professional backgrounds.  Our success as a hotel management company is underpinned by our recruitment of dedicated, dynamic staff with both experience and a hunger to succeed.  We train our staff to train in the Shiva ethic of hard work, respect, customer service and reward.